Shiatsu – the art that listens with the heart

Shiatsu is a Japanese-derived art that finds its natural complement in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu means ‘pressure with the fingers‘ and can also be practised with the palm, elbow and knee. Shiatsu is a body-mediated technique that can be a natural way to recreate a previously altered state of well-being and balance.

Through the conscious use of the hands, the circulation of energy, called Ki, is stimulated, which activates the body’s metabolism and blood and lymphatic circulation. This has a beneficial effect on the internal organs, improving the quality of life and well-being of the person, both physically and emotionally. As well as being effective for all those functional syndromes affecting the osteo-muscular system, such as back pain, sciatica, cervicalgia and joint pain in general, this technique is also effective in bringing the person back to the right level of relaxation, improving the quality of sleep.

Working on the person’s energy channels (acupuncture’s own meridians) stimulates those internal functions that, by giving input to the body, allow it to ‘self-recharge’.

The treatment lasts one hour and the client remains clothed.


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