The Holismos Centre

Varese, Poggibonsi - Siena

The birth of the Holismos Centre arose from the vision to create a physical space that would encompass knowledge and experimentation for the benefit of all those in search of their own personal evolution. A place suitable for ordinary people in search of an inspiration to change, in search of a better psychophysical balance, for the motivation to ignite a personal evolutionary drive. A suitable place, however, also for all experimenters and practitioners in the ‘holistic’ sector, who could find within the walls of the centre a space specifically designed for these activities and also a fertile ground for exchanging information and discussion. The idea of the name Holismos, was born precisely to emphasise the term Holistic, an approach to health and its maintenance; not linear but circular, rich in colour and facets.

Hence in 1999 the first Holismos Arts For Health Centre was established in Poggibonsi (Siena).

Subsequently the “Holismos” training school for Shiatsu practitioners also came to life. In 2013, the Center moved to the new headquarters in via della Repubblica, also in Poggibonsi.

My research led me to deepen my study of Hatha Yoga and to make this my main evolutionary path. These new influences have led me to devote more and more attention to this path of life, leading to the name, ‘Holismos Yoga & Wellness’ . At the same time as the name change, my path became intertwined with that of Sara Della Torre, who is also dedicated to the arts of health and yoga. Together we decided to start the Varese branch of ‘Holismos Yoga & Wellness’, and in September 2016 the new premises of the Holismos Centre officially opened in Biumo Inferiore. Today, we are even more determined to offer a space and a quality service to the community of Poggibonsi and Varese, a place dedicated to study and research in Yoga and other health-related arts.

The ‘Holismos Yoga & Wellness’ centre is a space open to new ideas and collaborations.

If you think our mission is similar to yours, visit us and let’s find out if together, we can offer something to the community.

Massimo Cantara

Addresses and contacts

at Hakusha school
via Sabotino 11 Varese
21100 Varese
Phone: 338 3824280

via della Repubblica 81 c/o Spazio e Luce
53036 Poggibonsi SI