Yoga Terapy

Although the practice of Yoga brings benefits to the body, mind, and spirit, until a few decades ago, there wasn’t a specific focus on developing a Yoga practice entirely dedicated to the therapeutic aspect of this discipline. More recently, in the West, there has been a desire to emphasize this aspect, and today Yoga Therapy represents a valid synthesis between the ancient wisdom of the East and the latest knowledge in complementary medicine, biomechanics, and posturology of the West.

Yoga Therapy in Varese: Managing illnesses and facilitating healing

Yoga teachers who have developed Yoga Therapy as a separate discipline, both in the East and the West, have brought their respective professional and personal experiences in the field of healing, motor sciences, anatomy, biomechanics, psychology, etc., to the practice of Yoga.
Through specific practices, Yoga Therapy allows the replacement of old habits with new and current paradigms, considering the mind, body, and spirit as interconnected and seeking to evoke changes in lifestyle through practice.

Yoga Therapy: What it involves

The Yoga Therapy course in Varese aims to reinterpret the way we relate to ourselves and others, outside the yoga mat. While normal yoga classes follow specific progression and study guidelines, Yoga Therapy sessions seek to adapt the practice of yoga to the individual needs of people with specific and persistent health problems that cannot be addressed in regular group yoga sessions.
Through Yoga Therapy, it is possible to manage illnesses and facilitate healing.

Yoga Therapy Course for Teachers

In our center in Varese, Holismos, we specialize in following our clients individually, supporting them in their healing and evolution journey through Yoga Therapy practices tailored for each individual. Additionally, to enable professional teachers to deepen this important practice, we offer a Yoga Therapy course, comprehensive and structured, for those who want to teach Yoga Therapy.

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