Sound Harmonisation

When we vibrate a bell, or other sound reproducer, near or over the body of a recipient, the vibrations it produces set the water contained in the tissues in motion, thus reaching every cell in the body. A simple example can help us understand: when we throw a stone into a pond, it creates a whole series of concentric circles so that the whole surface is set in motion. Our body is composed of a good 70 per cent water. Dr Masaru Emoto, with his research, made us realise how water is actually an important disseminator of information. In the Sound Harmonisation technique, we take advantage of this characteristic of water, so that when we play the bells or other sound instruments, close to or over the client’s body, the vibration gently enters into it, creating a rebalancing and harmonising effect, for the life and functioning of the single cells, tissues and organs.

Everything around and within us vibrates at certain frequency levels. Disease can be interpreted as a disharmony of cell, tissue and organ vibrations/frequencies. When these frequencies are altered, symptoms, discomfort and illness ensue.

Also not to be underestimated is the action that vibration exerts on the bodies and subtle energy structures, first and foremost the chakras. The seven main chakras all vibrate at different frequencies that are easily reproduced by sound instruments such as Tibetan bells. Given the importance that these energy structures have on the emotional and mental system, as well as on the endocrine system, we can say that when a human being is ‘in tune/tuned’ with himself/herself, then she/he is able to organise his/her existence, his/her life freely, with creativity. Various sound-producing instruments are used in the Sound Harmonisation treatment, but the main one is the so-called Tibetan Bell.


Benefits of the Sound Harmonisation treatment

The rich content of harmonics transports you to an inner place of absolute calm and depth, rarely experienced by most people. In this space of stillness, you are able to regain that clarity and lightness that is helpful in achieving a clear vision of life. This practice plays an important role in promoting and maintaining psycho-physical well-being and proves to be very effective in reducing physical pain and mental and emotional suffering.

  • It promotes deep relaxation, aids sleep and stress reduction.
  • It gently massages and harmonises the cells of the body.
  • It releases tensions and removes blockages in the body.
  • One has the feeling that the body has become calmer, lighter and thinner.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Positively influences self-esteem, creativity and energy.
  • It relaxes the muscles and decreases joint pain.
  • Helps get rid of old patterns and beliefs that are no longer relevant.

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The session lasts about an hour and the client remains clothed.


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