Holismos: Center for yoga practices and professional training.


Practising yoga is not only action, movement and the development of physical skills, but it is also and above all learning to inhabit one’s inner space.

From here we can observe the world from different angles and interpret everyday actions and gestures with a different valence. Practising yoga brings us to the union of our normally disjointed parts and represents a different form of resistance to the decadence we are witnessing at this moment in history.

Courses and special yoga sessions

Our Yoga Classes and Masterclasses


Yoga Holiday

We are a group of yogis and have been organising workshops and yoga holidays in Italy, Greece and other countries for 20 years.

The new book by Massimo Cantara

Hospital Without Pain

The touch of the hand reactivates the life force, strengthening the immune system.

The CD by Massimo Cantara is available online."

Elemental World

This is his first solo work after many years as a percussionist drummer.