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Kinesiology test for food intolerances in Varese

What is and How Does Food Kinesiology Work

The kinesiological test is a muscle procedure that allows obtaining an unconscious reaction of our body in different situations, evaluating it through a decrease or increase in muscle strength. This method provides a muscle response that enables us to receive a response from our subconscious and get answers to questions to which we may not consciously know the answers.

The premise of applied kinesiology concerns the connection between the nervous system, the muscular system, and the unconscious: the body has its innate intelligence and knows perfectly what is best for us. Through the kinesiological test for food intolerances, we can “interrogate” our body on various aspects, both physical and emotional. With the kinesiological test, the subconscious “responds” to our questions through a muscle reaction, where muscle strength is the indicator of coherence. If a statement is not in line with our subconscious, muscle strength decreases, indicating a lack of harmony.

Kinesiology: The Test to Discover Food Intolerances

Food intolerances or hypersensitivities manifest in a constellation of different symptoms that generally differ from true food allergies because they do not produce severe manifestations like anaphylactic shock and usually do not respond to traditional skin allergy tests.

Since they do not manifest with immediate and violent reactions in the body, they are not necessarily associated with the consumption of the food that triggers them. The more stressed an individual is, the less his ability to digest and manage food throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Furthermore, lifestyle factors (poor chewing, poor diet, incorrect food combinations, altered emotional states, and antibiotic use) significantly influence digestive and assimilative capabilities. Food intolerances manifest with symptoms of varying intensity and importance, such as fatigue, headaches, abdominal distension, inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, joint pain, skin problems, etc.

How Does the Kinesiological Test for Food Intolerances Work

The Kinesiological Test for food intolerances conducted in our center in Varese is based on detecting variations in muscle tone when a subject is brought into contact with a specific food. The operator tests some indicator muscles, which are generally associated with the functioning of organs involved in digestion and assimilation. The kinesiological test highlights a modification of muscle effort in the presence of intolerance or sensitivity to a food when it comes into contact with the subject’s abdomen or other parts of their body.



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