Chakra rebalancing

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that has several translations although they all refer in some way to the wheel, the circular shape, the centre, the vortex. In the Hindu metaphysical view, but also in other traditions, the Chakras represent the movement and concentration of Prana, life force or vital energy. These centres generally correspond to vital points in the body: nerve plexuses, arteries, veins and nerves. The term ‘Chakra system‘ refers to all the different components associated with a particular Chakra. When we speak of the Chakras, we must consider each of the existing Chakra Systems and understand that all the individual components of each system work in concert. Each Chakra System encompasses and relates to functional bodily aspects, emotional and mental activities at every level and contains the potential seed necessary for one’s spiritual realisation and evolution. The Chakras represent a useful system for interpreting the personality of the individual and those most active in each of us, determine in an important way how we relate to the world. This system of ours expresses and influences the way we perceive all areas of our existence. Each Raja Chakra acts with different nuances and functions on: Physical – well-being Vitality – physical and mental. Deep Self – experiencing autonomy, ego, identity Perception – how we perceive the world and reality Memory – the memories associated with every aspect of our lives Instinctual mind – the instinctual response to our perceptions Intellectual mind – the capacity for this function, the quality of thought and its ethics Higher mind – the individual’s ability to access this dimension, and the resultant outcome of that experience Emotions and feelings – their quality Action – their quality Human beings are constantly searching for a balance that they basically never find, the very essence of life is movement and therefore absolute balance does not exist. It does happen, however, that blockages and distortions are created in our energy system and that these always occur more or less in the same areas. A particular Chakra that is not active or hypo-functional can promote the onset of problems and symptoms in the physical, mental and emotional spheres as well as negatively affect our evolution on all levels. The Chakra re-balancing session consists of an initial assessment part, carried out through subtle listening and the Kinesiological test. The muscle test is also useful in establishing the type of treatment to be adopted for each individual Chakra. For re-balancing, breathing and visualisation techniques, exercises and movement are used, touch is used directly on the body, hands are used outside the body, sound and colours are used, mantras, essential oils or crystals can be used.

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The session lasts about an hour and the client remains clothed.


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