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Chakra Rebalancing in Varese

Energetic Rebalancing of Chakras to Restore Balance

Chakra is a Sanskrit word with various translations, all referring to the concept of a center, a circular form, or a wheel. In Hindu metaphysical views and other traditions, Chakras are “centers” representing the movement and concentration of Prana, the vital life force, in various vital points of the body such as nerve plexuses, arteries, veins, and nerves.

The session of Chakra Rebalancing in Varese consists of an initial assessment, performed through subtle listening and Kinesiological testing, which helps determine the type of treatment for each Chakra.

To energetically rebalance the Chakras, techniques involve breathing and visualization, exercises and movement, direct touch on the body, sounds and colors, mantras, essential oils, and crystals.

Throughout the Chakra Rebalancing treatment (one hour), the client remains clothed.

What Are Chakras and Why Should They Be Rebalanced

The term Chakra system indicates all the different components associated with a particular Chakra: each Chakra system encompasses and relates to various functional aspects of the body and the emotional and mental activities of each level, where there is the potential seed necessary for self-realization and spiritual evolution.

Chakras represent a system useful for the interpretation of an individual’s personality, and the most active ones in each of us significantly determine our way of relating to the world. This system expresses and influences our perception of all aspects of our existence.

Chakra Rebalancing in Varese: Benefits

Each Raja Chakra acts with different nuances and functions on various parts of the mind and body, namely:

  • Physical and mental well-being
  • Deep self – experiencing autonomy, ego, identity
  • Perception – how we perceive the world and reality
  • Memory – memories associated with every aspect of our life
  • Instinctual mind – instinctual response to our perceptions
  • Intellectual mind – the capacity of this function, the quality of thought, and its ethics
  • Higher mind – individual ability to access this dimension, and the result derived from such experience
  • Quality of emotions and feelings
  • Quality of our actions

Rebalancing Chakras means living better and making more conscious and aware decisions. It means finding balance (although absolute balance does not exist since the essence of life is movement) and unlocking distortions in our energy system, actively solving problems in various areas of our lives. A specific inactive or underactive Chakra can promote the onset of problems and symptoms in both the physical and mental/emotional spheres, as well as negatively influence our evolution at all levels.



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