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Craniosacral Massage in Varese

Release Tensions and Restore Functionality

Everything that makes up our body (organs, muscles, and tissues) is present in a precise area of the craniosacral system in the form of nerves. Dysfunctions and blocks of any kind and in any area are considered reflexes caused by disturbances within the craniosacral system. These can be identified, traced to the source, and diagnosed by the craniosacral practitioner, who will treat them through a specific massage. The treatment lasts one hour, and the client remains clothed.

How Craniosacral Massage Is Performed

In the treatment of the craniosacral system, the therapist identifies blocked areas that may hinder the proper functioning of organs, muscles, and nerves. These blocked areas can have various causes, such as diseases, inflammations, infections, or tensions of various kinds, or they may be related to problems and compressions during childbirth.

After identifying these areas of restriction or tension through touch, paying attention to even the smallest pulsations and movements in the craniosacral system, the therapist releases the points of resistance, facilitating the return of tissues to balance and helping to restore proper functions in the affected areas of the body. All these structures pulsate with a symmetrical, balanced, and rhythmic movement (called cranial rhythm) that is reflected externally through the fascial, i.e., connective, structures of all parts of the body.

Craniosacral Massage: Benefits

Among the main benefits of craniosacral massage are:

  • Stress Reduction: Craniosacral massage can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, improving body and mind relaxation.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: The massage technique can promote blood circulation, helping to reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Improved Sleep: Craniosacral massage can help improve sleep quality, reducing insomnia and sleep disorders.
  • Pain Relief: Craniosacral massage can help reduce chronic pain, such as headaches, muscle tension, and lower back pain.
  • Improved Posture: The massage technique can help improve posture by relaxing muscles and enhancing body flexibility.
  • Reduced Symptoms of Psychological Disorders: Craniosacral massage can help reduce symptoms of psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.



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