Yoga holidays in Italy and abroad

Holismos Yoga Holiday

Imagine a vacation unlike any other: in a beautiful place, yes, but made even more special by yoga practices, meditation, and drumming workshops.

This is what we do at Holismos in our Yoga retreats around Italy (and beyond): we are passionate and professional yoga teachers who love beautiful places full of nature and history.

For over 20 years, we have been organizing and offering Yoga vacations and residential workshops: to experience days filled with calm, music, and beauty. Together.

Yoga Retreats in special places to discover and learn

In 2014, we launched the “Holismos Yoga Holidays” project with the intention of organizing Yoga vacations and retreats where you not only practice but also receive training in the field of yoga and other related disciplines through training programs.

For our Yoga vacations, we choose only special places, convinced that sharing the energy of beauty and nature can only bring true joy to all those people who, like us, identify with these values.

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Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 6PM

Discover the dates of the upcoming retreats

If you would like to learn more, find out about costs and details of offers, please follow us and contact us. We will periodically update our blog and social channels with the latest news, including courses, seminars and events.