Yoga Drumming

Dr. Assagioli (the father of psychosynthesis) defines rhythm as the “fundamental primordial element of music” and quotes poet D’Annunzio in his statement that rhythm is the “heart of music”. Dr. Roberto Assagioli also asserts that “Rhythm is the element that has the most intense and immediate influence on man and directly influences both the body and emotions.”

In ancient times, humans used the drum to facilitate meditation and awaken awareness. This noble goal is what we aim to achieve with the Yoga Drumming course in Varese, through the experience of Massimo Cantara and the power of the drum sound, which allows guiding and stimulating inner investigation and transformation.

Yoga Drumming in Varese with Massimo Cantara

Massimo Cantara, martial arts enthusiast, therapist, yoga teacher, and percussionist for over thirty years, has deepened his sound research in recent years, studying the effects of sound on humans as a means to balance body and spirit and promote healing.

Thanks to Massimo’s experience as a percussionist and yoga teacher, the Yoga Drumming course in Varese was born: a course that combines yoga and drumming, facilitating the union of body, mind, and spirit. The sound of the drum represents a new way to enhance and stimulate our yoga practice and delve into our inner exploration, as yoga and percussion form a natural partnership: the vibrant energy of the drum seems to exert a powerful attraction towards a deeper practice, both for students and the teacher himself. The percussionist moves energy in space while the yogi moves energy in the body, and the rhythm of the drum can influence the intensity of the movement.

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