Chanting of Mantras

For thousands of years, mantras and special formulas derived from ancient teachings and Sanskrit texts have been practiced to reduce karma and focus the mind, dissipating the normal disparity between mind, body, and spirit.
The attempt was also to tune the human “instrument” to the various invisible energies existing in our universe. The constant, systematic practice of mantras has an immediate effect on the breath, making it deeper, and automatically increases concentration: the mind becomes clearer, new information is perceived, and there is an expansion of consciousness.

Increasing awareness through the chanting of mantras

Through the chanting of mantras, awareness grows in our inner space, while the difficulties imposed by our karmic baggage slowly dissolve through the repetition of these ancient, sacred formulas. We can then begin to see, hear, and understand everything in a new light, with new modes of understanding.

The word “mantra” derives from two Sanskrit words, the first syllable comes from “Manas” or “mind”, and the second syllable comes from the Sanskrit word “trai”, which means “protect” or “liberate from”. So we can define the mantra as a tool used for the mind, with the goal of “freeing it.” Ancient spiritual texts, passed down to us from the East, present themselves to us through one of the oldest languages of humanity: Sanskrit. In our Hatha Yoga practices, particular importance is given to the use of mantras because, given the vibrational nature of the cosmos, we seek to create vibrational attunement with it, not only through the practice of asanas and pranayama but also with the use of “Vak”, or the voice. The voice is our most sophisticated instrument: the special vibrations attributable to prayer or mantras, handed down to us through centuries of experimentation by the Rishis and ascetics, become an effective tool in our journey of growth and reunion with the primordial source, “Nad, Purusha, Holy Spirit”.

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