27 Apr-24 May or 4-11 May 2024 | Greece, Lesbos. Yoga, Trekking and Birdwatching

The beauty of exploring a unique natural paradise

Lesvos can rightly be considered a true paradise for hikers. Its many natural beauties, scattered cultural monuments, spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and the coasts of Asia Minor, and above all a network of well-marked trails make Lesvos an ideal destination for hikers. Information panels, observation towers, and kiosks for hikers to rest complete the trail markings and enrich the island’s itineraries. There are ecological interest trails to follow, or routes through agricultural landscapes and geological sites, as well as cultural trails through traditional villages. There are treks of different levels of difficulty that can satisfy even the most experienced hikers. Three treks with increasing difficulty will be carried out this week.

This island, despite being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, does not have a tourist attendance comparable to other Greek islands such as Santorini, Mykonos or Rhodes. Lesvos is no less a generous and independent island, with its own well-defined profile in the Greek economy and full of interesting things to discover and, of course, to enjoy. It is the home of Sappho (famous poetess of the classical period), the best Hellenic olive oil, the undisputed capital of ouzo, retsina(local flavored wine), boasts a curious and unique petrified forest, and its capital, Mytilene, is rich in historical vestiges and has a great student life that enlivens it even during the long winter months.
The island’s nature is lush and bountiful: millions of olive trees alternate with dense forests, but also leave room for desolate valleys and barren mountains. And then there is the endless coastline, for long stretches unknown to mass tourism, lonely but welcoming, familiar only to the nearly 300 species of migratory birds that choose to stop here each year. Lesvos is an island where Greek daily life is not dazzled by the easy money and somewhat kitsch of boorish and naive tourism. It lives its routine with optimism and appreciates the fact that those who come here have not chosen their destination at random.

The beauty of practicing yoga in a pristine environment

Imagine waking up every morning, stepping out onto the balcony of your room, admiring the blue sea and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. You might decide whether to go for a swim before starting the day’s activities-the sea is only a few meters away-or go downstairs and brew herbal tea before getting ready for your morning practice of Asana, pranayama, meditation, and chanting. You usually practice on the beautiful, specially constructed wooden platform on the terrace that looks directly out to the sea and from which you can observe beautiful, romantic sunsets. Or if time does not permit, in the 100-square-meter yoga shala with a large window that also looks out to the sea. The proposed Yoga practice is based on Hatha Yoga, Feldenyoga (An original combination of Feldenkrais Method and yoga, conceived and proposed by Piero), Vinyasa, restorative and Nada Yoga. All around is silence with the background generated by the sound of sea waves and wind, broken occasionally by the passage of a car on the dirt road in front of the property gate. I can also give myself my own space to sit and reconnect with myself in a corner of the property or decide to go for a walk along the beach. It’s nice to share but sometimes it becomes necessary to be in recollection as well. Mediterranean Retreats Center allows you to be able to experience all this, here with us you will find your personal space without restrictions.

Daily program

Arrival is scheduled for Saturday, April 27; there will be no specific practices on this day, only the introduction of participants and explanation of the week’s program.

  • 8 a.m. Hatha yoga or Feldenkrais Method practice, pranayama
  • 9:30 a.m. breakfast
  • 10.30 a.m. departure for treks and visits to sites of natural and historical interest
  • If we are out and about the island lunch will be packed or we will have lunch in the many taverns on the island.
  • 6:30 p.m. meditation practice, asana, chanting, kirtan
  • 8 p.m. dinner

Three treks with increasing difficulty will be planned as well as small excursions to wetlands to admire migratory birds. We will also propose visits to historical monuments and at least one evening to the natural hot springs near our facility.


The cost is €600.

Cost includes: All tuition, accommodation in double room, breakfast and dinner and some lunches when we will be at the facility, passage to and from the airport and transportation during excursions, excursions.

Not included in the price: airfare, medical insurance (optional), lunches when we will be out scouting the island, entrance fees to museums and natural spas, individual treatments upon request.

Registration: To register contact the secretariat, a payment of €100 as a deposit will be required. It is possible to book a single room by paying an additional €150.

The teachers

Piero Bianciardi

In 1983 Piero began practicing Yoga, particularly Hatha Yoga and Viniyoga, at the same time he devoted himself to Taijiquan and Shaolin chuan under the guidance of Master Chang Dsu Yao and the Bernabei school in Siena . From 84 to 86 he attended Master Clemente Cocchiola’s Shiatsu school, from 86 to 89 Prof. Nguyen Vanghi’s acupuncture school in Florence. In ’88 he obtained the Shiatsu operator’s diploma and Yoga teacher’s diploma at the EFOA school in ROME with Francoise Berlette, in the same year he began teaching Yoga. From ’93-’97 he attended the Feldenkrais Method Training Florence 1, and graduated Pratictioner Feldenkrais. In ’99 he obtains the Qualification Diploma “Operator of Motor Activities” at the University of Medicine of Siena. During the same period he developed his own method of teaching Yoga, FeldenYoga, and a water practice method, Feldenwater. Since 2005 he has been practicing Aikido, which he teaches with the rank of 2′ Dan. In the same year he began dancing and studying Tango with Masters such as Chicho Frumbuli and Pablo Moyano. In 2006 he began attending Family Constellations seminars with Carl Peter Strommer and Bert Hellinger. In 2009 he obtained the Diploma of Systemic Family Constellator at the Hellinger Schule of Bert and Marie Sophie Hellinger. In 2013 he became an Assistant Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method. He teaches The Feldenkrais Method in Siena and Florence, and since 2014 as an Assistant Trainer in various trainings in Italy

 Massimo cantara

Massimo graduated as a Yoga teacher (500h) with the international SYM school of which he was also a teacher, he also holds a diploma in Yoga Therapy (300h) with Vasistha Yoga Fundation in Kerala, India. He has been teaching at his own center in Italy since 2010 and is a founding member of “Three Treasures Yoga,” an international teacher training school. In addition to his professional activities as a practitioner in Bio-Natural Disciplines and as a Shiatsu Teacher, in 1999 he founded the Holismos arts for health center, a center for the dissemination and practice of Bio Natural disciplines, including Yoga, of which he is the director. In 2016 he founded together with Sara Della Torre the Holismos Yoga and Wellness Center in Varese. Cranio Sacral Balance Diploma, Kinesiologist, Shiatsu Operator, Yoga Teacher. In 2020 he debuts with his music CD “Elemental World” on a sonic journey through the 5 elements. In 2021 he published his book “Hospital without Pain” Bio-natural disciplines in the hospital context Ed. Epigraphia, Salus series.


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