6-13 Apr 2024 | Greece, Lesbos. Yoga and healing techniques. Residential retreat

Promoting Salutogenesis through Yoga and “Alchemic Body Pulsing”


If in India it has always been an intrinsic value of yoga practices to have a positive effect on the practitioner’s health, and with few exceptions, until recently there was no need to develop an entirely dedicated branch to its therapeutic aspect. In contrast, in the West, in recent decades, there has been a desire to give impetus to this aspect, and today yoga therapy represents a valid synthesis between ancient Eastern wisdom and the latest knowledge in complementary medicine, biomechanics, and posturology.

The complementary nature of yoga and the so-called energy medicines is reflected in the common goal of releasing stagnant energy in the meridian system, organs, or blood connected to them. While yoga provides a format to release blocks, Alchemic Body Pulsing® provides a more comprehensive framework to understand which postures may be more suitable for improving a particular health condition.

This course is suitable for all yoga teachers who wish to deepen their knowledge and improve their ability to assist students. It is also useful for therapists and medical professionals who want to integrate their knowledge with new insights and perspectives. Moreover, experienced yoga practitioners can benefit from this course to enhance and integrate their practice.

Alchemic Body Pulsing®

Alchemic Body Pulsing® represents the synthesis of over 30 years of study and practice in the field of Bio-Natural Disciplines. My practice of Shiatsu, Kinesiology, and Cranio Sacral has certainly undergone significant evolution, becoming more subtle, intuitive, and profound over time. The most important influence that led me to a different understanding of life phenomena is undoubtedly due to the study and practice of Hatha Yoga, based on the classical principles of the eight limbs expressed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Furthermore, my long-standing passion for music and percussion instruments led me on a parallel path of exploring vibratory phenomena, which I have recently called “Sound Harmonization.” The union of all these passions and knowledge gave birth to “Alchemic Body Pulsing®.”

The manual skills acquired in clinical practice and teaching of Shiatsu, Kinesiology, and Cranio Sacral provided the matrix and support where I could skillfully graft aspects of the energetic physiology of the human being that became evident not only through the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine but also, and above all, through the study of Yoga. The vibration generated by the use of voice and various sound reproducing instruments metaphorically represented the closure of the circle, allowing me to interact more integratedly and effectively with the subtler energetic aspects of the human being.

“Alchemic Body Pulsing®” indicates the possibility of generating or connecting with the pulsation/vibration of the body and directing it towards an alchemical transformation, where “alchemical” stands for mysterious, esoteric, but also transformative. This course allows you to acquire new and original manual bodywork techniques, easy to use and integrate with any other technique. Alchemic Body Pulsing® can become a concrete opportunity for personal growth and evolution, whether you are already an experienced practitioner or still a student or beginner. In “Alchemic Body Pulsing®,” you will find numerous points for reflection, inspiration, and growth.

Rocking you back to wellness with Alchemic Body Pulsing

A powerful means of self-inquiry and growth, an effective technique to reintegrate and reconnect all our normally disjointed parts.

Alchemic Body Pulsing® is a subtle and effective bodywork method, a healing technique that can be learned and applied by everyone. It is a gentle and non-invasive method that uses pulsation, vibration, and pressure techniques to harmonize body fluids, prana, and the nervous system.

Working together with Hatha yoga, pranayama, and mudras, you can directly interact with the blocks in the body, work on physical pain, stress, tensions, and other imbalances, restoring harmony, connection, and fluidity, and reinstating the vibrational harmony necessary to fully live and express your life.


  • Release of tensions
  • Rebalancing of the back, pelvis, and shoulders
  • Improvement of joint mobility
  • Identification and release of emotional traumas
  • Relaxation
  • Improvement of sleep
  • Increased vital energy
  • Reduction of stress levels

As the body begins to relax, thoughts, feelings, and emotions are encouraged to surface and finally be expressed and released. This new method helps us explore the inner space, allowing any memory of physical or emotional trauma to be finally recognized, released, and overcome. Alchemic Body Pulsing® guides and helps you in emotional and spiritual areas that require attention and conversion to:

  • Change old behavioral patterns that are no longer relevant and useful
  • Dissolve knots caused by old traumas and release them safely
  • Develop new ways of relating to oneself and others
  • Learn which Chakras are “blocked” and need attention
  • Find the confidence, energy, and determination to achieve your goals
  • Learn to support and manage your health with full awareness


  • The concept of “Salutogenesis” and “Life Style Medicine”
  • Function of the Fascia and its function and movement within the body
  • Relationship between fascia, Nadi, Meridians, and Prana.
  • The importance of breathing for life development
  • Basic Pranayama techniques
  • Muscle chains, Asana, and their correlation with meridians
  • Perceiving and promoting fascial unwinding
  • Feeling pulsations at special marma and acupuncture points
  • The neurovascular system and how to treat it
  • The neuro-lymphatic system and its treatment
  • Tactile diagnosis through feeling pulsations at special points on the body
  • Theory of the Chakra system, major and minor Chakras
  • Chakra diagnosis through touch and pendulum use
  • Chakra treatment with touch, sound, and mudras
  • Chanting mantras and kirtan

Daily Schedule

08.00 Asana and pranayama practice

09.30 Breakfast

10.30 Alchemic Body Pulsing® theory and practice

12.30 Chanting and sound healing

13.00 Lunch and rest, free time

16.00 Alchemic Body Pulsing® practice

18.00 Pranic energization techniques and Super Brain Yoga

19.00 Chanting and rhythmic body movements

19.30 Dinner

During this retreat week, there will be a whole day and afternoon free to visit the main attractions of the UNESCO World Heritage island.

Retreat Cost

COST: €600 early birds by March 1, 2024; €550

The cost includes three meals a day, the course and educational material, airport transfers, and transportation during excursions.

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