6-13 and 13-20 July 2024 | Greece, Malea. Yoga holidays

Proposals: Week from July 6th to 13th, 2024 | Yoga in the Heart together we will explore the possibility of giving and receiving unconditionally with awareness to feel freer and/or Week from July 13th to 20th, 2024 | Yoga of Simple Things becoming increasingly aware and learning to live more lightly For years, Holismos Yoga […]

11-18 May 2024 | Greece, Lesbos. Yoga and family constellations

I let go and prepare to welcome the new The ancient sages, and no less the Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni, teach us that the greatest cause of suffering is represented by the almost innate tendency to attachment. Everyone, more or less, creates a holographic image of themselves, an image that is inevitably influenced by dysfunctional learning […]

27 Apr-24 May or 4-11 May 2024 | Greece, Lesbos. Yoga, Trekking and Birdwatching

The beauty of exploring a unique natural paradise Lesvos can rightly be considered a true paradise for hikers. Its many natural beauties, scattered cultural monuments, spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and the coasts of Asia Minor, and above all a network of well-marked trails make Lesvos an ideal destination for hikers. Information panels, observation […]

13 Jul-3 Aug 2024 | Greece, Lesbos. Intensive Course for Yoga Teachers 200 hours

Three Treasures Yoga is an interdisciplinary yoga school certified by Yoga Alliance International. The Level 1 teacher training course offers a 21-day intensive residential program, beneficial for anyone wishing to deepen their experience and knowledge of yoga, enhance personal growth, and feel comfortable in the role of a teacher. This course is designed to help […]

6-13 Apr 2024 | Greece, Lesbos. Yoga and healing techniques. Residential retreat

Promoting Salutogenesis through Yoga and “Alchemic Body Pulsing” Introduction If in India it has always been an intrinsic value of yoga practices to have a positive effect on the practitioner’s health, and with few exceptions, until recently there was no need to develop an entirely dedicated branch to its therapeutic aspect. In contrast, in the […]

20-27 Apr 2024 | Greece, Lesbos. Superbrain Yoga: yoga drumming, rhythm and integration

The purpose of this residential retreat is to rediscover play, pleasure, and learning in a community of individuals who, in the same way, seek to bring greater tranquility, grounding, and a sense of coherence into their existence. SuperBrain Yoga combines breathing, movement, and rhythm to restore balance between the right and left hemispheres of the […]

30 Mar-6 Apr 2024 | Greece, Lesbos. Easter Yoga Holiday: Yoga of the Elements

March 30 – April 6, 2024 Lesbos Island, Greece www.yogaholiday.it The reference to the four elements (air, water, earth, and fire) is common to all cosmogonies. Both the East and the West have conceived a close connection between the human microcosm and the natural macrocosm. The balance of the elements determined the life of the […]

3-10 February 2024 | Morocco, Marrakech. Yoga holiday in the desert

1° giorno: accoglienza all’aeroporto di Marrakech. Tempo libero e notte in Riad. 2° giorno: Partenza da Marrakech per Mhamid. Il trasporto avverrà con un veicolo privato. Il viaggio inizia con la scoperta dell’Alto Atlante e dei villaggi berberi. Si attraverserà il passo del Tizi n’Tichka (“passo dei pascoli”), un passo a 2260 m di altitudine, […]

12 Oct-2 Nov 2024 | Greece, Lesvos. Shiatsu 1st level course

Il corso I° livello Shiatsu si terrà tra il 12 Ottobre e il 2 Novembre 2024. L’arrivo è previsto nella giornata di sabato 12 ottobre, la partenza la domenica 3 o lunedì 4 Novembre 2024 È previsto un giorno libero a settimana, il venerdì. In questa giornata verranno organizzate delle escursioni per visitare i luoghi […]